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With the rising costs of home health care, assisted living and nursing homes, many seniors find it difficult to obtain the care they need.  This situation also places a heavy burden on the senior’s spouse or other caregivers.

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If you are a veteran, or the spouse or widow of a veteran, there is a government benefit, commonly referred to as “Aid and Attendance” (“A&A”) that can be used to pay for the costs associated with home care, assisted living, nursing homes or, in some instances, independent living facilities?  Despite the fact that one in three seniors may be eligible for this benefit, few know about it, and the application process can be confusing and intimidating.  In fact, without proper assistance, a claimant’s application often is processed incorrectly (leading to decreased benefits) or wrongly denied.

The A&A benefit is income-tax- and is paid directly to the claimant.  This money, in conjunction with your existing income, may allow you to provide for your own care and have a better quality of life.  At Allegiance Care Consulting, LLC, we will answer your questions to help you determine if you, or your loved one, are eligible for this benefit.

The following criteria may make you eligible to apply for A&A:

  • The veteran must have served at least 90 consecutive days of active duty—one day of which was during a period of war—and be discharged under conditions other than dishonorable.  Combat or overseas service is not required.
  • The veteran, spouse or widow requires assistance with meal preparation, feeding, bathing, dressing and undressing, mobility, leaving home, the needs of nature, maintaining a medication schedule, or other basic life functions.  People who are bedridden also may be eligible, as well as those who have a physical or mental injury or illness that requires regular assistance to protect them from hazards or dangers in their daily environment.  Existing disabilities need not be service connected.
  • The monthly, “qualified medical expenses” of the veteran and his/her spouse (or the expenses of just the widow) exceed the combined, monthly incomes of the veteran and his/her spouse (or the income of just the widow).  Note:  The term “qualified medical expenses” does not include all medical expenses, but only those allowable under VA rules.
  • The assets of a single veteran are approximately $30,000.00 or less, or the assets of a married veteran and his/her spouse are approximately $50,000.00 or less.  Note:  The fact that a single veteran has assets exceeding $30,000.00–or the fact that a veteran and his/her spouse have assets exceeding $50,000.00–does not, in and of itself, make them ineligible for A&A.  These circumstances just mean that additional legal planning may be necessary to become eligible to apply for A&A.

WARNING:  There is a great deal of incorrect information regarding this valuable benefit.  Don’t eliminate yourself based upon what you have read or heard elsewhere.  Also, beware of unscrupulous individuals and companies who will tell you that they must control or manage your assets as a prerequisite to A&A eligibility.  This is just NOT TRUE.  We always work directly with a VA accredited attorney, as required by law.  This means that the information you receive from us will be accurate and trustworthy.

Every situtation is unique, and time is of the essence because lost benefits cannot be reclaimed.  Contact Allegience Care Consulting, LLC today for a complimentary pre-filing analysis.